About me

Lu Sääf




Nationality: Sweden

Languages: Swedish, English, Mandarin Chinese

Date of birth: 1987


Special area of interest



At the core of what I want to achieve professionally and personally is the study human living and to draw experience from different people's ways of existing. Particularly in the interest of drawing on traditions and accumulated knowledge to develop ideas of how to create a more prosperous and sustainable world. Therefor I have a particular interest in cultures that have survived and flourished in harsh settings. These people are faced with the necessity of living in harmony with their immediate surroundings. It is to these cultures that I believe we should turn our focus. Thus I have over the last few years paid particular interest in the remote mountainous areas of China's south west and the minorities that dwell there.



BA in Chinese, Dalarna University, Sweden.

MA in China Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden.

MA in China Studies, Zhejiang University, China.

My work


I provide consultative and project based services within the area of intercultural exchange. My speciality concerns culinary culture with an emphasis on Chinese food and beverage culture.



By learning from others we grow as individuals. By gaining insight into other cultures we may change the norm and create something better. Through increasing transcultural exchange I firmly believe we can create a richer present and a better future world.

Why culinary culture?


If one wants to grasp a culture it is a lot to take in. Food and beverage is one of the fundamental aspects of human existence. Much so also an essential element to a specific culture which is shaped by the limitations and graces of the particular surroundings. Thus, by understanding a people's culinary culture one obtains a key, a tool to understand ways of existing or the culture as a whole.